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Wantagh, NY

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Who are our customers?


We offer anything and everything for anyone who has a need for the beautiful look of embroidery and silk screened apparel. Some of our customers are:

  • Company/Corporations - uniforms, promotional items, etc.

  • Boaters/Yacht clubs  - put  your boat name around a stock design on towels, caps, shirts, etc.

  • Bowlers - team shirts with a custom look

  • Dance schools - put your school name around a stock design to customize jackets, bags, etc.

  • Equestrians - pick a garment from one of our manufacturer's catalog and select a stock embroidery design logo

  • Team sports – varsity jackets, warm up suits, caps, etc.

  • Animal lovers - great selections to embroider on your apparel from our stock design

How do I get my artwork to you?


Most people today are e-mailing their artwork to us. Attaching an art file, or graphics file to an

e-mail. If you have a scanner, you can scan any design onto your computer, and then send us an

e-mail, simply attaching the file. We can accept BMP, TIF, JPEG, DOC, GIF or Adobe Photoshop. JPEG is preferred.


If you need any guidance in this, feel free to e-mail us, and we will guide you. You can email us your basic design in order to get a price quote, or to give us an idea what you have in mind. There is also good old snail mail. You can mail your color or black and white drawing in a manila envelope, and we'll take it from there.

What are the clothing brands used?


The most popular brands are as follows (in no particular order): HANES, FRUIT OF THE LOOM, LEE, ANVIL, GILDAN, OUTER BANKS, JONATHAN COREY, DUNBROOKE, AUGUSTA, GAME SPORTSWEAR, HARTWELL SPORTS, CRYSTAL SPRINGS, CHARLES RIVER APPAREL, and much, much more! If the brand you are looking for is not listed - give us a call - 516-679-3243!

What does embroidery cost?


The cost of embroidery is determined by several factors including size and number of stitches in the design, number of locations on the garment, the type of garment and fabric.

What is digitizing?


Digitizing is a term for taking a piece of artwork (i.e. line drawing) or a company logo and converting it for our embroidery machines to read. There are additional charges for this type of work, and price depends on the complexity and stitch count of the design.

What are the minimum orders for embroidered items?


The embroidered designs can be ordered by the single piece.

Is there a minimum order quantity for screen printing?


Yes, 24 pieces.

Can I supply my own garments?


Yes, however we cannot assume responsibility for any product not purchased from us. We do everything in our power to protect the garment from damage. We are responsible for the garment if we damage the garment while embroidering (e.g., needle breaks and makes a hole in the garment). We will check the garment upon arrival in the shop and again prior to its leaving.